Catching up with friends

A cultural evening with a dear friend.

A cultural evening with a dear friend.

we are going to talk about:

  • work
  • dinner
  • moving in together
  • our new house
  • furniture, fridges and freezers
  • how I said to a male friend who dropped me off “oh… you want to kiss me” and I will re-enact the moment to get the infliction in my voice just as it was – the “oh” was a little questioning; and there was this pregnant pause after I said it that I considered running and hiding, but he actually leant over and kissed me. And then we will laugh and agree that I must start to behave better on evenings with men. And also maybe marvel at the little bit that actually, yes I did get a kiss. And that can’t be all bad can it? (and then we might talk about a lack of communication since that night…. in which she will tell me to “man up” and I will)
  • dissertations, how we can avoid doing them, what we are going to do them on and how
  • all the new soups that I am going to make next year
  • climbing

…and a whole host of other things which are all far too interesting for here!  Of course knowing us we will be talking all the while whilst seeing the lovely things at Tate and people might think that actually we are a display entitled: “inside the hearts and minds of young women and friends”.


About Jefner

Hi! I'm Jen, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find some things you're interested in. I'm a compulsive day dreamer and people watcher, if I could, I would spend most of my life in a coffee shop drinking coffee, reading books, writing and people watching. I write letters, a lot, and sometimes I send vegetables in the post too. I'm a bit of an outdoor activities junkie and have kayaking and canoeing running through my blood! I like going away on adventures, exploring new places and meeting new people. Enjoy.

2 responses to “Catching up with friends

  1. Tate Modern, soup, awkward kisses, and home furnishings? Sounds like a wonderful evening. =)

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