Bonfire Night


firework night

We watched the fireworks, an explosion of colour, and drew hearts in the sky with our sparklers.




About Jefner

Hi! I'm Jen, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find some things you're interested in. I'm a compulsive day dreamer and people watcher, if I could, I would spend most of my life in a coffee shop drinking coffee, reading books, writing and people watching. I write letters, a lot, and sometimes I send vegetables in the post too. I'm a bit of an outdoor activities junkie and have kayaking and canoeing running through my blood! I like going away on adventures, exploring new places and meeting new people. Enjoy.

3 responses to “Bonfire Night

  1. eyoki

    I love this! Never seen your blog before – i was just randomly tag surfing. Glad you enjoyed Bonfire Night.

  2. Ah, Guy Fawkes night! Looks like you had a blast. I miss you!

  3. Miss you too Sameer! Excited to hear about Australia when you get a chance!

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