#7 ‘Go to the Opera’: a booking


I have booked tickets to go and see Tosca with my friend in July. I feel like this is the first thing I have officially done on my list.


Snow Angels


As soon as there is a fresh and deep(ish) coating of snow I like to throw myself down and make a snow angel. Yes, it’s just snow but it brings out the child in me. 

#19 ‘Drink an A-Z of Cocktails’ D and K


I began my 25 things with a Mango Daiquiri and a Kim Sha

Opera for beginners


Is Tosca a good opera for someone who has never been to one before?

The adventure starts here


This year I turn 25. To celebrate I am going to do 25 things I have never done before. I spent Christmas making my list and now I’m ready to begin.

Story Tellers

ImageSometimes I feel like I’m trying to plan for the memories I one day want to have.