Good things come to those who wait…


An unexpected but very welcome change in my life


There’s space for you…


When we meet, you will fit in my life and I will fit in yours. Until then, I will dream and write (bad) poems about love. 

Know this: when I am sad

you will hold my hand.

You will sit, and wait and listen to the breathing

and hear the pause between what is said

and not said.


When you are sad,

I will rub your back. I will bring you

food and write you letters and badly structured poems.


We can get lost in the semantics of love but you – you.

You give my stomach butterflies

distract me at work

 enter my dreams

make me laugh

make me cry.

I can be my real self with you.

And you with me.

And for today, tomorrow and yesterday, 



Do you ever think that the perfect person for you is just waiting for your paths to cross?

I dream of one day telling you this

But I don't know how to tell you or what it would mean to you.

Because it’s Christmas

Do you ever feel the same way?

Forgetting to Love?

Friends, life and unrequited love only goes so far. Do you ever forget how to really love?

Special People

Then I remember all of my friends are special. I might not have someone to go home to at night but it doesn't mean I'm less loved.